while most people think of beach and sun for a February trip to Mexico, we normally go skiing and look for snow.  so this year with both Chetna and I injured we looked for something off-the-beaten path.

Guanajuato is not completely unknown.  it shows up as the #1 one place “not to miss” in the most recent edition of the Rough Guide to Mexico.  it is a quaint colonial town oozing with history around every corner: the independence struggle started there, Diego Rivera’s house is there, etc.

photo album of Guanajuato

Guanajuato – Feb 2014

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assiniboine provincial park

you are forgiven if you have never heard of Mount Assiniboine Provincial Park in British Columbia.  i had never heard of it either until trying to plan a backcountry trip in the Canadian Rockies.

up until this trip i would have said that Glacier NP  in MT was my favorite mountain hiking destination.

photos from our trip

Backpacking in Assiniboine Provincial Park – Jul 2013

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dayton and columbus ohio

i flew into Dayton for the express purpose of attending the Cal-Ohio St football game in Columbus for the weekend.  i didnt have particularly high expectations on food, but i did manage to find a few gems along the way.  it was my first time in the area in almost 20 years when some friends from grad school and i had driven from Bloomington to see the Columbus Crew play in the inaugural MLS season at the Horseshoe.

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