i spent a week in Mallorca in Oct 2012 on a cycling trip.  while the primary purpose of the trip was to attend the Steven Roche Cycling Camp there was plenty of opportunity to explore the island and find some memorable meals.


Cycling in Mallorca – Sep 2012

the best meal i had all week in Mallorca was in Deia at Es Raco des Teix.  the sun was setting just as i started my meal.  it was a perfect setting outdoors.  i ordered the 6 course tasting menu.  at first i thought i had made a mistake and ordered too much.  but in the end it was a perfect amount of food.  two of the courses were dessert and they were both very light and every course was better than the last.

this is the view from the terrace.  definitely “worth a special journey” as the Michelin guide would say.

the food at my hotel in Palma Nova was particularly bad mass produced buffet food.  so i had “no choice” but to venture elsewhere for dinner every night.  there were no really good options for food without going into Palma only 20 min away.

very reasonably priced and good tapas at La 5ª Puñeta, on a tiny side street, Caputxines, 3.  i actually came back a second time.  they have the typical Basque style tapas where you serve yourself and you pay at the end depending the number of toothpicks you have accumulated.

another tapas place in central Palma, Tast, was also very good and had more of a lively bar scene.

for a romantic or fancy night out, you can try the pricey but very polished meal and setting at Simply Fosh.

the other food gem worth mentioning Mallorca are the assortment of pastries that you get at the small local coffee shops.  the local almond cake is particularly good.  by far the best i had was a chocolate cream filled pastry that mildly resembled a cream filled donut at a cafe in Esporles.  i think i would go back there just for the dessert.


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