the scenery at glacier national park is slightly more impressive, but skiing with this sort of scenery all around you was amazing.  Bob and Aryana and I went for a spring skiing trip in Mar 2012.

photos from our trip

Telluride skiing – Mar 2012

aside from the skiing, which was fantastic, the food in Telluride was amazingly good.

our favorite fancy dinner was at a French place called La Marmotte.  i cant remember exactly what we had, but every course was excellent and dessert was fantastic.

Telluride also has made quite an effort to make the on-mountain dining quote memorable.  in 3 days of skiing we went back their newest on-mountain restaurant, Bon Vivant, 3 times!

the first day we stopped near the end of our day and got a beer and checked out the menu and scene. no doubt it is expensive, but the quality of the food and amazing views make it worth it.

the second day we missed our morning coffee so we stopped by almost as soon as it opened at 1100a and had crepes and coffee.  they french press all their coffee and they make the crepes right in front of you if you are sitting at the bar.

the third day we stopped for lunch and had crepes, the lamb stew which was amazing and  some well chosen glasses of wine.

this is the view while you eat

other than that here a few quick ones

  • for apres ski drinks at a loud bar – Tomboy Tavern at the base of the lifts
  • late nights – bar at the New Sheridan Hotel in town
  • good cocktails – a comically named bar called “there” with very good cocktails and Asian inspired small plates.

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