it is no surprise that Spain is one of my favorite destinaitons.

here is Granada as promised

my friend who is from Granada suggests the restaurant that is in the Parador (within the Alhambra)

we ate almost every night in the area of the Albacin which is the old Moorish quarter.
there is a whole street of Moroccan shops and teahouses and restaurants.

we liked it because it was a good break from eating Spanish food (always ham and cheese)

the tagines are very good in Granada because of all the Moroccan influence.  usually the lamb or chicken tagines are best.

also .. Granada is well known for very good free tapas when you just hang out in a bar and get a drink.

the Albacin is the best other thing to see in Granada.
there is a very nice walk along a small brook w/ multiple stone bridges that cross it.
it is just at the base of the Alhambra so you can look up and see the palace walls.

the name of the street is Carrera del Darro. there are the remains of an old bathhouse Banos Arabes (#31 on that street)

then there are the new baths that you can actually go in called the Banos Arabes Al Andalus.
you have to make reservations and bring your own bathing suit.
they also have a nice tea room to relax in afterwards.

hope that helps
all of this is in our guide book so you can read as you go if necessary.

more later


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