since Olivia mentioned the recommendations for Barcelona, here they are.

photos from our trip

Barcelona – Sep 2010

Tapas 24 — only open till midnight.  best pure tapas i had.  good for lunch/breakfast too.  they have this homemade purple “sangria” looking thing that is particularly refreshing.  good substitute for OJ.  their egg dishes were particularly good.

Diputació 269; 34-93-488-0977;

Cerveceria Catalan – sit at bar.  really good/fresh seafood.  this place is open much later and more crowded.  more of a pretty, upscale crowd but very good.  the catalan cake was amazing, perhaps the best dessert ever.

C/ Malloca, 236,

La champaneria – reina christina for good cava – this is the place w/ great sandwiches and the rose cava.  gets very crowded.  perhaps a weekday afternoon is better if you want some elbow room.

Calle Reina Cristina 7, La Barceloneta  Tel: +34 (0) 933 – 100839

D.O. Carrer Verdi 36 34-93-218-9673

(taken from NY Times) Perhaps the best known boîte on Carrer Verdi, Gràcia’s food-focused alley, D.O. has a casual wine bar attitude but takes its tapas seriously, from rustic croquetas to the more Italianate bresaola with shaved mushrooms and arugula. Residents pack in before and after screenings at Cine Verdi, a nearby movie theater.

this is the place w/ the good foie gras appetizer.  a bit older crowd, mellow place, very innovative food.

Xampanyet – near picasso museum
Carrer Montcada 22

this place looked really good and was packed.  apparently good for sardines/anchovies.  so we went across the plaza to a basque tapas joint which was also very good.

the basque place (Euskal Etxea) was interesting.  you just get a plate and grab food off the bar which is all very meticulously prepared and looks beautiful.  and they charge you based on the number of toothpicks you have.  also, be sure to try Txakoli, the effervescent Basque white wine and make sure you insist that the guy pour it from way up high and behind his back if possible.

they have a more local Basque hangout in the back of the bar w/ a TV and big room.  not sure how it works but it seemed like a better place to meet young people.

Cacao Samapaka – cute place for fancy chocolates in Eixample.  off the Rambla de Catalunya.
C/ Consell de Cent, 292

i liked the alcohol filled ones.  be careful not to share.  they just explode liquid, so toss the whole thing in your mouth at once.

harlem jazz club >

in the barri gotic.  a little hard to find but worth it.
Comtessa de Sobradiel 8 (barri Gótic) Tel. 93 310 0755


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