to start, the one place that i email the most to friends and relatives and have had the best feedback is about our trip to Andalucia in Oct 2002.

we loved Sevilla … spent 2-3 days there.

i guess i have to get my photos scanned to digital since that was SO long ago to provide any visual evidence.

in Sevilla for dinner

in general the barrio Santa Cruz is the liveliest and nicest set of tapas bars and narrow cobblestone streets.
Pizzeria San Marco – casual Italian, very good, reasonably priced
– the architecture inside is from a 12th cent bath house
– a good break from tapas, jamon & queso
– calle Meson del Moro 4, in the barrio Santa Cruz
 – get the gnocchi, it is surprisingly good and memorable
Hotel Alfonso XII, calle San Fernando 2
– amazing hotel w/ beautiful lobby.
– good place to have tea/coffee, and the hot chocolate is the best we ever had.
La Albahaca, Plaza Santa Cruz 29
– was closed on Sun so we couldnt go, but the menu looked particularly good.
– has nice outdoor patio and is a very nice upscale restaurantfor flamenco we went to a place right next to this last restaurant.
Los Gallos, Plaza Santa Cruz
– also in the same square is El Tamboril for flamenco.
– it is a bit contrived though, you sit and order 2 drinks and they put on a well rehearsed show
– you would do better to stumble upon random music at a random bar if you were going to stay out super late.
the walk up the Catedral is reasonable fun to do.  you see a lot of cool architecture on the way up/down.  also the Catedral is worth going back to at night when it looks the best.
Granada coming next.
more later

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